DME Provider

As a Durable Medical Equipment or  DME Provider to the Delaware Valley, Nexus Medical provides an array of quality goods ranging from high level, customized power wheelchairs to pediatric specialty devices. We provide professional service unparalleled in the industry to meet the highest expectations of our client base.

Online Store Now Open

Our new store allows you to find the full range of DME products you need in short order. If you need any assistance we welcome your contact so that we can make your experience working with Nexus Medical to go beyond your expectations.

Our Services

At Nexus, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer to our clients. We not only sell high quality products but will keep them running well over the duration of your usage through service visits and repair calls. Whenever your product is coming up short or has been damaged in some way, we will be out to bring things back to working order. We know that when things break or are not working it effects your life and we want to do our best to make sure you are not hindered from living an active and healthy lifestyle.

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What’s New

As we continue to ┬ámaintain quality service a midst the changing landscape of healthcare reform, you can continue to check our updates on the What’s New section of the site. With the recent push to insure that all Americans have health coverage many dynamics of what has been expected and generally accepted for care in this country have changed. Due to the density of legislature documents it can be confusing to get to the nuts and bolts of the issues and many concerns people have when talking about something as important as healthcare. Check out our array of articles and highlights to bring you up to speed in a straight forward format so you can know what to expect moving forward with your health given the updates and expansions to the system nationwide and how it will affect you as you attempt to navigate the system when you need care.

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